Subscribing to Blogs!

February 8, 2010 at 4:15 pm 2 comments

We began subscribing to blogs in class on Thursday and I have continued to do so over the weekend. At first, it was hard to search for websites that were solely blogs. However, after learning how to search on Google Blogs it became fairly simple and I was finding many blogs on things that interested me. Google Reader is awesome because once you have subscribed to blogs that are interesting to you, only the new information from each blog shows up. This makes it easy because you don’t need to go searching for new information.

Being involved in politics, I subscribed to a Fox News blog. In reading the news over the weekend, I learned that Sarah Palin is leaving the door open for presidency in 2012 (which I do not agree with…) and watched video from an interview she had done over the weekend. Another interest of mine is dance, and I have subscribed to a Dancer Universe blog. This blog mainly contains videos of dances from around the world or dances that will be appearing in movies or on TV soon. This blog also contains posts from dancers and gives updates on dance shows such as So You Think You Can Dance (which is my favorite).

Finally, I subscribed to a technology/learning blog entitled Learning is Messy. This blog is done by a 4th grade teacher who tries to integrate technology into the classroom. One of the more interesting posts that I read from him was entitled, Skyping Celest- Day One- The Whole Story and included his effort to start his students blogging. HeĀ  uses the Skype application in his classroom and notes that his students are always engaged in this learning process that involves all sorts of technology.

Overall, I have really begun to understand more about blogging and Google Reader and love all the new tools that I am learning about.

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  • 1. B. Taylor  |  February 8, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Sounds good – glad you got the hang of it and found some good stuff. I’d suggest an additional link or two in next to last paragraph. You have a good link to the blog itself; now add a link to the particular post you read about students blogging. So it could read something like: One of the more interesting posts that I read was entitled [blog post title and link go here], and it dealt with his effort to…If there was a separate post about using skype, do the same there.

  • 2. B. Taylor  |  February 9, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Cool – did you read that post and see who Celest was and why she was skyping in?


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